Home Healthcare

Cairo Cure Home Healthcare is a provider based in Egypt. We provide all your home healthcare services with a team of highly skilled Doctors, physiotherapy professionals , dentists , nursing specialists and nurse assistants in addition to all kind of medical equipment and a variety of other healthcare services.

Our responsibility is to deliver hospital quality healthcare services to your home.

Our Home Visits Include:

  1. General Home visits for assessments.

  2. Symptom management where we administer anti-vomiting medications, wound management, pain medications to name a few. We also give IV hydration fluids at home too. We help patients with management of Stoma (colostomy, tracheostomy), Catheter care, feeding tube management, suctioning and home oxygen administration.

  3. We deliver and administer supportive oncology drugs both oral and IV at your home. Simple chemotherapy medications both tablets and injections are conveniently given at home by our experienced staff.

  4. Our palliative care for cancer patients is designed to not just provide medical care but moral support to the patients. We take care of patients’ basic needs and help them with medications and mobility. Our experienced Nursing attendants are available for this care round the clock.

  5. We also provide home visits for patient education where we discuss with patients their medication and infusion administration.